Kanban+: Your new Kanban tool to learn and apply Kanban

Use Kanban+ as your new tool to learn and apply Kanban Method - a method for the definition, management, and improvement of services that deliver "knowledge work".

Where knowledge work means developing goods and services through activities that add to knowledge discovery. For example, knowledge work are Marketing, Software Development, and all kinds of Product Development. Knowledge work is performed by knowledge workers. In other words, Kanban is a way to manage work in intangible goods industries.    

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More than 10.000 of Kanban practitioners come here to upgrade their knowledge and sharpen their professional skills. 
We conveniently gathered for you in one place the content of 3 books in easy-to-navigate interactive way, as well as lots of additional materials, downloads and videos.  
Yet more content and tools to come. 
At the moment we have 3 products, each of them based on corresponding book: 
1. KMM+, based on the 2nd edition of the "Kanban Maturity Model" book
2. F4P +, based on the 3rd edition of the "Fit for Purpose" book
3. BWK+, based on the 4-books series called "Better with Kanban", which at the moment has the first book "Discovering Kanban" released.   
Each product is available by individual monthly or yearly subscription. 

Would you like to reduce your time to market by up to 90%?

Learn how with our Pluses now!

BWK+: Learn Kanban for intangible goods industries to establish efficient workflow, reduce stress, and deliver on time.
KMM+: Are you stuck? Your agile initiative is not giving you expected outcomes anymore? The Kanban Maturity Model can guide you out of crisis!
F4P+: Are you gathering the right metrics? Or are there too many of them? Are your KPIs really “key”? Learn how to make sense of the data you are collecting!

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