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Kanban+ is one source of truth when it comes to Kanban. It is a place to go to when you want to learn the Kanban Method. 

Whether you are an Agile Coach, Consultant or Trainer, or you want to learn and apply the Kanban Method in your company, our immense collection of learning materials will help you boost your knowledge and find the right answers to your questions. 
Save 20% on your annual subscription to Better with Kanban+.

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The Kanban Method adoption is growing every year.


of respondents of the State of Kanban Annual Report expect to expand Kanban initiatives. 

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Kanban is not a software development lifecycle methodology or an approach to project management. It requires that some process is already in place so that Kanban can be applied to incrementally change the underlying process.
David J. Anderson
Author and pioneer of the Kanban Method

Use Kanban+ to get access to all the Kanban Method materials created by David Anderson, the author of the Kanban Method.

Save 20% on your annual subscription to Better with Kanban+.

What will you learn on Kanban+? 

Explore Kanban by David Anderson, creator and pioneer of the Kanban Method.

Use Better with Kanban+ to learn about the Kanban Method for intangible goods industries from its origins through to becoming one of the most popular methods for managing work in the 21st century.

Dive deeper into the Kanban knowledge and learn more about applying the method with KMM+. Use the Kanban Maturity Model to get guidance on how to apply Kanban and how to avoid making the most common mistakes. 

Learn more about your customer experience by using the Fit for Purpose customer satisfaction survey on F4P+.

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Silke Noll / Accredited Kanban Trainer and Coach, Kanban Product Professional / Kanban New Zealand
KMM+ is to me the ultimate source of knowledge for anybody who likes to stay up to date with the Kanban Method as it constantly evolves and improves. So much inspiration! Some of my clients called the KMM book the best management book on the market, and KMM+ helps them (and me) to quickly find content and food for thought in real life business situations. I also love to always be up to date with the newest version of the KMM posters, which I'm sharing a lot with my Kanban whānau in New Zealand. Also, the case studies - #kanbanworks!
Bianca Griffioen / Kanban Trainer, Coach, and Consultant 
I use KMM Plus for my training as a reference and in my preparation for the classes. In the KSI training, for example, there is some KMM material. I use KMM Plus to remind myself of what is there, to prepare what I should tell my students, and if there is anything new.
Lisardo Cordero GarcíaKanban Trainer & Consultant / Upthink
KMM plus is my reference guide to consult everything related to the kanban method and its success stories. This tool also allows me to have it in several languages. I really like having all the Kanban and Fit for Purpose posters to consult and download. By being able to navigate through the posters and jump directly to the content chapters you can dive faster into the topics. I love it and highly recommend it.

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