Kanban+ Policies

Failed Payment Policy

Kanban+ subscription is subject to automatic renewals: the amount of the fee for your type of subscription will be charged automatically via your selected payment method at the end of your billing period unless your subscription is cancelled. Before the end of the subscription period, we will send you a notification to remind you that your subscription is about to expire. If a payment fails in its due time, due to expiration, insufficient funds, or otherwise, your access to paid content or tools will be paused and we will make 3 attempts to charge you with the scheduled payment fee before your paid account will be disabled and downgraded to the free/limited version of Kanban+.

The additional payment attempts will be scheduled as follows:

  • if original scheduled payment attempt fails, the next payment attempt will happen 24 hours after the initially scheduled payment that was failed.
  • If previous attempt fails, the next payment attempt will happen 3 days after the initially scheduled payment that was failed.
  • If this attempt also fails, the last payment attempt will happen 7 days after the initially scheduled payment that was failed.

 If the last payment attempt fails too, your subscription will be terminated, and your account will be downgraded to the free version. Which means that you will need to subscribe again manually to restore the access to the paid content or tools on the Kanban+. The current prices and deals available on the moment of purchase will be applied. No previous deals, bundles or discounts can be restored.

Overall, if the payment problem occurs, you will have one week in total to resolve the issue. The system emails will notify you if the payment fails. During this time, the access to Kanban+ paid content or tools will be paused until the payment is done successfully. The billing cycle won’t be modified or adjusted in this case and will be resumed within the same dates after the payment is successful.

Upgrade and Downgrade Policy

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. Upgrades are changes on your subscription to higher-priced and/or longer plans. For example, the following changes to your subscription are considered to be an Upgrade: a change from Standard to Professional, from Monthly to Yearly, increase the number of Licenses for Corporate users. Upgrades will be applied immediately with a recalculation of your money balance. Since Kanban+ is a prepaid service, your billing date will change based on the remaining balance of your last payment.

Downgrades are changes on your subscription to lower-priced and/or short plans. For example, the following changes to your subscription are considered to be a Downgrade: a change from Professional to Standard, from yearly to monthly, lowering the licences number for corporate subscriptions. Downgrades take effect after the end of your billing period, so you can continue to use the features of the higher-priced plan until your next billing date.

Upgrade with Downgrade: for example, if you change from Standard yearly to Professional monthly, then downgrade overrides the Upgrade. Means you will need to finish your current billing cycle before the upgrade takes place.

As the upgrade happens effective immediately and may happen in the middle of your billing cycle, we will calculate the amount of refund that corresponds to the days of subscription unused in your current billing cycle. This amount will be discounted from your new payment for the new upgraded subscription.

Promotions Policy

From time to time, Kanban+ offers discounts and trials of paid subscriptions for a specified period without payment or at a reduced fee. By accessing to the content and services on Kanban+ through discounts and trials, you agree to the terms of the specific promotion you have signed up for and the general terms of our Promotions Policies as follows:

The discounts offers are temporary and are offered for a limited time. If you subscribed to the product within the period of discounts, the discount will be applied according to the timing and conditions of the current promotion.

If you decide to cancel your subscription, the current subscription contract with you will be terminated. To renew your subscription, you will need to subscribe again. No discounts or special offers can be retrieved from your past subscription. The current prices available at the moment of the purchase will be applied.

If you decide to modify your subscription, the current contract with you will be terminated and the new one with new conditions will be open, the current prices and discounts (if any) available at the moment of the purchase will be applied. Previous discounts will not be kept with modifications.

Bundles offers are part of the Kanban+ promotion activities. It is a discount based on the amount of purchase that is offered for a limited time for a limited period. For example, bundle can be a specific special price or a percentage of discount to specific products that are bought together as one. This special price will be applicable during the period that is indicated in the bundle description (e.g.: one year = one-off annual payment or 12 monthly payments). The same rules for cancelation or modification of the subscription are applied to bundle offers as for any other promotion activities (see above).

Different types of discounts and bundles cannot be merged. For example, if the user is a current subscriber of a yearly bundle offer for 3 products (e.g.: KMM+, F4P+ and BWK+), he/she will not be able to additionally apply another promotion discount that became available later for one of these products.

For detailed conditions of each promotion, please, consult with its description that will be available on the promotion description page. In case of any further questions, please, contact our Support Team.

Student Trials Policy

Students at partner educational institutions may be eligible to receive free access to Kanban+ as a tool that helps to enhance their learning experience while going through their courses. The conditions of the student trials may differ depending on the terms agreed with the partner educational institutions. The following policies are general and may not include some specific details or particular conditions that can be agreed with your course provider. For more detailed information about the trial conditions applicable to you, please contact your own institution.

Students of Kanban+ partnering organizations may receive free access to Kanban+ as a tool that helps to enhance the learning experience for students. Kanban+ together with the course provider consider that students use Kanban+ to prepare, go through the course, or reinforce the knowledge after it. Students can use it as a library of materials that helps them learn more, just like the access to the university’s library while you study. Therefore, free students’ access is provided with the purpose to use it during the time of the course.

Different courses may have different time period or/and conditions for the student’s trial to Kanban+. Please, look for the specific information about your student trial period and conditions in your Kanban+ trial instructions or contact your course provider.

Students that purchase several courses that are held in different period may receive several student trial accesses. However, if the student gets bundle offer that happens in the same time, there will be only one trial access provided to this student.

For example, a student goes through KMM/KCP bundle course that altogether lasts one week. In this case, a student will receive free access only once. This free access will cover the duration of the course and more. However, if a student takes separate classes, for example, KMM in the beginning of the year and KCP in the end of it, he/she will receive student access to Kanban+ twice: during the period of each of the courses, unless other conditions are agreed with the course provider.

MGE reserves the right to determine if you are eligible for a student trial in its sole discretion. MGE reserves the right to change the conditions or terminate the student trials at any time and for any reason.